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Friday, August 28, 2009

27th of October, 1987

The case was already under appeal (by the Government) at the Supreme Court then. Additionally, Tunku Abdul Rahman had written in his column in The Star that, “I consider it improper and irregular for a leading political party to make use of its power to amass wealth at the expense of other business ventures.”

By Hakim Joe

How many people remembered this day if I only mentioned the date? Hint, it was a Tuesday. No? How about Ops Lallang? (Or is it spelt with only one “l” as in Lalang?) Certainly a day of infamy that will forever rest in the minds of the people of Malaysia as it is the ultimate portrayal of an oppressive law that was blatantly used to silence the opposition. Democracy lost its meaning here from that day onwards.

Was it a show of power by the Government or was the ISA arrests being forced on them as the Opposition was gaining control of the multiple events that was happening in the country? First and foremost, the April 27th UMNO general assembly party elections was a major contributing factor as the rivalry between Team A (UMNO Baru) consisting of Mahathir and Ghaffar Baba, and Team B (UMNO 46) consisting of Tengku Razaleigh and Musa Hitam intensified. [more]

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