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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Clearing the air for Tok Guru

What Nik Aziz could have meant.

I have tried to think of/ recall Nik Aziz style of speaking. He normally talk of dosa and pahala. I personal think that what he had probably said were along this line – dosa and pahala. He basically thread along and hammered this point home – whatever you do – there is a dosa or pahala element to it. Along the line of the principle of “amal bil niat” – “deeds based intentions”. As such, if one voted for PAS with the intention - that of, giving PAS the opportunity to proceed on, along pursuing the Islamic line of governance at the societal and regime level, then he/she gets a “pahala”. Similarly those who “supported” UMNO with the intention or at the expense of denying PAS the ability to do so, would get a “dosa”. Dosa and Pahala are means of assessing whether one is hell worthy - base on the former, or heaven worthy base on the later.

That’s why the word used was not “ahli” UMNO but rather “penyokong” UMNO. Nik Aziz had engaged a lawyer, PAS normal lawyer, Hanipa?? to look into it and if necessary take the press to court. The silence probably meant that Nik Aziz political foes had studied the issue and choose to be quite rather than giving Nik Aziz another opportunity of a moral victory – whether winning or losing the case in court, is secondary. Giving Nik Aziz another round to explain Dosa-Pahala would be a political disservice for his political foes. As for the lawyer, his last remark was,” if there is the word go from Nik Aziz, he will proceed – knowing Nik Aziz, he is not after money, but to keep the records straight”. That interview was from the youtube. They (Nik Aziz and his lawyer) may have settled the matter out of court amicably with the press, I suspeted so, the quietness now – probably others who are more in the know can explain the present “conclusion” of the spin better.

UMNO, being the government, has all the machineries – Police, SBs and Film Producers(RTM) are still unable to produce or come up with Nik Aziz - with the words “ahli UMNO akan masuk neraka”, whether on youtube or air on RTM. The move to start those “spin” were probably politically motivated. I do not know if STAR was among the culprit, but certainly STAR do not produce such a youtube either, I know because I subscribe STAR youtube, unless it happens when my PC was down or streamyx “buat onar”. I do not hear anyone, for that matter, had told me that it was available on youtube, either. Nor there was any circulation of such video/adio via whatever channel or means.

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