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Monday, March 23, 2009

Tuai Rumah: the powerful tools of the BN against Opposition

The Broken Shield

From last week, almost every day Tuai Rumah (longhouse headmen) were summoned by ministers, deputy ministers, assistant ministers and elected representatives to receive “angpaus” in the form of minor rural projects.

Last week, deputy chief minister-cum-deputy president of PBB Alfred Jabu anak Numpang gave lectures to about 100 Tuai Rumah in the Batang Ai constituency.

Yesterday (22 March), PRS state assemblyman Snowdan Lawan of Balai Ringin also lectured 39 Tuai Rumah from Batang Ai and told them they “are part of the government and therefore have an important role to play”. They must show good example by not inciting their own people to go against BN and must tell their “anembiaks” to vote for BN. Later the Tuai Rumah were given free and guided tour of Kuching.

On 14 March, several Tuai Rumah from Batang Ai were asked to meet MP for Sri Aman, Masir Kujat who told them that they were “eyes and ears” of the BN and report to BN any “suspicious” characters who are trying to get their support for the Opposition.

Today, several more Tuai Rumah were asked to meet deputy president of PRS Joseph Entulu Belaun and to receive their “angpaus” of minor rural projects. Wai FM (RTM Iban) made the announcement that they must see the deputy minister this afternoon.

It would appear that BN-PRS are making use of the Tuai Rumah as powerful tool to ensure that their rakyat and voters do not vote for the Opposition as well as making Tuai Rumah as “policemen” and money carriers (mai duit) and distribute such money to their “anembiaks”.

Like past elections, for those who did not vote for the BN candidates, they would be deprived of the goodies. Worst still, those voted for Opposition might ask to leave the longhouse (pindah).

Are not the Tuai Rumah the powerful tools of the BN to destroy the longhouse people?

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