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Friday, March 27, 2009

Delegates push Umno to go far right, not wide .

KUALA LUMPUR, March 27 - malaysianinsider | By Adib Zalkapli

Despite a leadership calling for Umno to be more inclusive and narrow differences with other communities, delegates today pushed the party to move further to the right in governance and politics.

In speech after speech debating a motion of thanks for outgoing Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's opening address, the delegates spoke on diverse of subjects centred on the party's domination in governance and politics.

Terengganu delegate Datuk Zubir Embong urged the government to be strict in banning the Christians from using the word 'Allah' saying it confused the Malays.

"What is their intention? It is for Christianisation. When the word Allah is in the Quran and in the Bible, it would lead to some people believing that all religions are the same," he thundered.

"Not only the word Allah but also the words 'wahyu' (revelation), 'rasul' (messanger) and 'nabi' (prophet) must not be used by the Christians," Zubir told the delegates as the debate wore on in the evening.

Puteri Umno representative Mazlina Lazim earlier told delegates at the cavernous Dewan Merdeka that the government must ensure Umno loyalists are given positions in government-linked-companies (GLCs)

"If Umno doesn't help Umno members who else would do that," she said.

Mazlina also told the delegates that other Barisan Nasional component parties should be blamed for the decline in last year's general election which she claimed resulted in the special position of the Malays being questioned by the non-Malays.

"The origin of the Malays was questioned, the future of the Malays was also questioned," she aded.

Selangor delegate Ismail Tijo meanwhile alleged that the Malays have never been treated this bad especially by the federal opposition led by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

"They insulted the Malays as is if we have no dignity left. And then there is Anwar Ibrahim who wants to make the status of the Malays the same as others," said Ismail referring to Pakatan Rakyat campaign platform, Ketuanan Rakyat (People's Supremacy)

He also warned the delegates that Malaysia would end up like Palestine if Umno leaders failed to protect the interest of the Malays.

"If we are not careful the country will end up like Palestine. Make sure our children are always taken care of by the leaders on the stage," Ismail said bluntly.

Newly-elected deputy Wanita chief Datuk Kamilia Ibrahim put in her two sen's worth, urging the government to draft a new law to protect the monarchy.

Her suggestion was put forward amid the constitutional crisis in Perak where Pakatan Rakyat supporters were alleged to have insulted the state ruler.

Overseas Umno clubs representative Wan Md Hazlin Hassan called on the government to ban the Egypt-based Malay students organisation PMRAM as it was dominated by the opposition.

"PMRAM must be banned and the scholarships of students who join PMRAM must be revoked," said Wan Hazlin

The debate continues until late tonight with two other motions on the economy and religion together with education.

However, some delegates and supporters have not turned up at the hall in the Putra World Trade Centre, preferring instead to shop or tour Kuala Lumpur.

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