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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anwar accuses BN of plot to overthrow PR states

KUALA LUMPUR, March 18 — malaysianinsider

Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim took to Parliament today Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) allegation that Barisan Nasional (BN) was abusing government machinery in a plot to overthrow PR state administrations.

The Permatang Pauh MP, also the de facto PKR chief, told the Dewan Rakyat of a “national underground strategy” by BN to bring down PR, which won control of several key economic states in last year’s general elections.

Anwar held up a sheaf of papers he claimed was a valid document issued by the Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU), a federal agency directly monitored by the Prime Minister.

He said it outlined several programmes directing federal civil servants to “raise support for the federal government” while “simultaneously bringing down the image of the federal opposition party”.

He noted the ICU’s “people-centric” programmes, which include providing aid to flood victims and making social visits to homes, appeared harmless enough on the surface, but he claimed a closer reading showed the federal agency had an ulterior motive.

“What is the ICU’s goal?” Anwar questioned, highlighting the agency’s inclusion of public personnel, such as from the Election Commission, an independent body tasked to carry out elections.

This is the first allegation raised inside Parliament.

The issue was publicised last week by Selangor state assemblyman, Lau Weng San (DAP-Kampung Tunku) in the state legislature.

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