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Friday, May 29, 2009

Bankruptcy : Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim Media Release.

Dear Editors,

Former KL CID Chief declared a bankrupt.

1. I am the person named in your reports which appeared practically in all the mainstream media or otherwise today .Please allow me to respond to your publications.

2. Friends and relatives have called me wondering how on earth a matter which is a non-issue and most of all not worthy of publication have been given prominence at par with National issue.I was never the IGP,nor a Director or a CPO before.I was just a common retired Senior Assistant Commissioner II who went on optional retirement some 8 years ago.I am not a member of any political party and have no intention of being one.Surely you too are curious to know the reasons why the above news on me had to be played up as such.No ordinary person can influence the entire media to run this sort of news simultenously and over radio and TV.(I shall touch on the subject matter later).

3. I say with certainty that there are very powerful hidden hands that wanted it so.Their reasons are to destroy my credibility and/or to paralyze my capabilities and preventing me from giving evidence against Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail(Gani)and IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan(Musa) for fabricating evidence in the “Black-Eye” case of 1998 involving Dato ‘Seri Anwar Ibrahim (Anwar).

Brief Facts:Allegation by Anwar.

4. I was the Investigation Officer of the infamous Black-eye incident in 1998 which I assure you was done professionally and without fear or favour.

5. On 1.7.2008 Anwar lodged a police report alleging four persons namely Gani,Musa,one Dr.Abdul Rahman Yusof (Dr.Rahman) and myself have falsified a medical report on him(Anwar) in the black-eye case.This allegation was investigated by the MACC(then ACA).

6. My detail statements was recorded no less than five times by the Investigation Officer.I made full disclosure and provided the MACC with documentary evidence which I believe,was more than sufficient to proof criminal wrongdoings on the part of Gani in particular.

7. On 1.3.2009,Dato Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan(Ahmad Said),the Chief Commissioner of MACC announced in The Star that a 3 member independent panel appointed by the Solicitor General to scrutinize the investigation paper have found Gani and Musa cleared of any criminal wrongdoings

8. Again on 11.3.2009 YB Dato Seri Mohd.Nazri Abdul Aziz(YB Nazri)Minister in PM’s Department in answer to a question posed in Parliament repeated that Gani and Musa are both cleared of any wrongdoings except with regard to Gani, where one of the panel members dissented,but still leaving Dr.Rahman’s and my position in jeopardy..

9. In view of this, on the 15.4.2009 I submitted my appeal to the Chairman of the Advisory Board of MACC and extended copies of same to all the Committee Members as well as to the Chairman of the other Panels, including all members of the Select Committee to review the above findings.I provided the members with detail arguments and attached supporting documentary evidences that I believe would be sufficient to proof that Gani and Musa were involved and/or abetted in the falsification of the medical reports on Anwar in the black-eye case,and that they should not have been cleared..I have yet to receive any response from the Board but believe it is still under their considerations.

10. Yet again on the 7.5.2009 I followed-up my appeal and extended copies to the Solicitor General as well as to the Solicitor General II.Once again I provided them with arguments and submissions which I believe could show that Gani not only falsified 1(one)medical report as alleged by Anwar,but instead THREE , with Musa believed to be involved in at least two of them. I hope this too is being looked into seriously.

11. However,I am justified to state that YAB Prime Minister,was never told the true and entire facts of this issue.Should the truth be told,I believe YAB PM would have taken the appropriate actions.

12. Looking at the contents of your publications,the bankruptcy notice was issued on the 21.4.2009 whilst the order was issued on 14.5.2009.Why was it only publicized on the 27.5.2009?.I have reason to believe that the notice was obtained about 1 week after I have filed my appeal to the MACC Board on 15.4.2009 while they were only published on 27.5.2009 after Anwar vowed that he will provide a tough defence in the sodomy charge against him fixed to be heard beginning 1.7.2009 when he addressed an International Correspondence seminar in Singapore a couple of days ago.

13. I have reasons to believe that the Prosecution team anticipated that Anwar will certainly raise at certain point of his trial the issue of fabrication of evidence in the black-eye case.My evidence would be vital at this stageTheir only option is to destroy my credibility.

13. Though this publication may cause some inconvenience to me and my family,but I take it as a blessing and that it will only enhance my resolve to disclose the whole truth of the “black-eye” episode.Believe me,that this is not the only case the duo had their fingers in.There are others which are as sensational.The truth shall prevail.

14. With regard to the bankruptcy matter,I have instructed my lawyer to look into the matter which came as a surprise to me especially when I was never served personally of any notice of the hearing I hope this explain my position.

15. I am in no position to demand my response to be published in its entirety,but certainly there are issues which are of common concern.



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