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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Perak : Sole,Silent & Protest

1 Anger Indian guy has inspired himself to call for a silent protest at the back entrance of Perak State secretariat. The guy mobilized to his preferred location at 12.30noon, just wearing short pants and white colour round neck t-shirt standing coolly without wearing any shoes and sleepers in hot weather.

My Political Sec P.Sugumaran rushed to the place and manages to take few shots of photographs. At 1.10pm, 2 police personnel’s started to approach him not to do so. But than the guy refuse to listen to their request.

In his short notes to my Political Sec in a piece of paper, he wrote “People 1st, Performance Later” and also “I don’t support any party, Just as Perak Citizen, all I want his 4 my state to be at peace. Just make the people who can do something, do it now”(courtesy kula's blog)

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