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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dr M calls for assembly vote on MB as Pakatan will win Perak polls

PUTRAJAYA, May 14 — By Neville Spykerman | malaysianinsider

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today admitted the Pakatan Rakyat will sweep Perak if fresh elections are called but recommended the state assembly meets to decide on the mentri besar post.

"It’s not good for the world to see the musical chairs in Perak where the MB is changing because of the decision of the courts," Dr Mahathir said.

When asked if the current impasse in Perak would affect the ruling Barisan Nasional's chances in the next elections, he said: "I hope people will have short memories."

“The outcome is a foregone conclusion” said Dr Mahathir if fresh elections are held, adding that it was his feeling after the by-election in Bukit Gantang and from talking to people.

“So why should we have fresh elections ?“ he asked, saying that it was costly and that he did not agreed will calls by other BN leaders for fresh state elections.

He added that the people had already voted and chosen people who are willing to defect.

He said the situation should be resolved by a vote in the Perak state assembly and the assemblymen should determined who should form the government.

“If BN really has a majority they can move a motion of no confidence and set up another government.”

The former prime minister said he would hold his opinion on whether V. Sivakumar was legitimately removed as speaker in deference to the courts.

He also refused to comment if the debacle in Perak would have a lasting negative impact on Barisan Nasional and affect the outcome in the next general election.

Dr Mahathir added that he supported the move by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to hold negotiations with Pakatan to resolve the crisis.

He said anything which can resolve the problem is good.

Dr Mahathir was speaking to the Press today after a special talk on “Malaysia-Today’s Knowledge Economy”.

During the talk, he said the future can be determined by trends and no crystal ball was needed to predict the future.

However, he refused to answer when asked if he was positive about the future of BN and Umno based on current trends.

“I beg not to reply to that question. It’s just my private opinion and I’ll keep it to myself.

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